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Autism in the therapy room
January 12th 2024, 9.30am - 5pm
In-person training: Shaw House, Newbury RG14 2DR
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Are you a counsellor working with clients who are, or might be, on the autism spectrum?

Adapt your practice to work successfully with clients on the autism spectrum with the help of this highly-rated,  experiential course, led by counsellors Louise Ordish and Helen Franklin.

What delegates say:

There was no part of today that wouldn’t inform my practice...The speakers worked very well together and brought the subject to life.

Very helpful and useful topic...Great clinical examples and authentic personal experiences.

Presenters – BRILL....Slides were great and very original.

A very enjoyable day....I was hooked from start to finish....I gained great insight.

Why choose this course

Roughly 1% of the population is thought to be on the spectrum but we believe 10-20% of your clients are likely to be in this group. These individuals are much more likely than average to need mental health support with anxiety, depression and suicidality. Most formal training programmes don’t touch on this subject despite growing numbers of adults, especially women, seeking and receiving diagnosis and looking for support. You will:

•Understand more deeply what it’s like to be on the autism spectrum

•Build a relationship of trust with autistic clients

•Adapt your practice to work effectively and compassionately with each unique autistic client

•Understand the overlap of autism and trauma

•Consider how you can best help your autistic clients build self-esteem

Your trainers
Louise Ordish _J6A7503 © stephen cotterell photography.jpg

Louise Ordish is an Oxford-University-trained psychodynamic counsellor and self-diagnosed with autism. Her practice includes work with young people and adults with autism and PDA.

Helen Franklin has a master’s degree in Gestalt psychotherapy from the Metanoia Institute and a diploma in contemporary trauma practice. During her training, she discovered that her second child had autism. She works with a wide range of neurodivergent clients.

How to book

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